Leaders Meeting Recap

OMG. I am loud. I enjoy my fair dosage of loud. But last night…..wow. I would like to thank each of you for not only showing up for our meeting, but staying and listening and I hope none of you have actual hearing damage. My initial vision of having this meeting at Bdubs was a quiet, relaxed atmosphere where we could carry out the work of our team and you could enjoy a beer if you chose, or a pile of wings or even a glass of water for you Daniel Planners. But that vision was destroyed by a mob of JH CYO Basketball players and their families. Oh well. It was really, really good to see all of you.

We didn’t get through every thing I had hoped to last night, but we got enough done to keep this thing moving forward. I wanted to simply remind all of you to kindly take a few minutes this weekend to complete your online paperwork and reach out to friends or family who have teenagers that need to join us on this trip. As promised here is the current list of kids signed up:

John Plow, Margo Lence, Logan Cummings, Hector Cummings, Zach Rudduck, Joey Carson, Madison McHugh, Emma Bell, Lauren Skaggs, Julie Eston, Nick Foley, Sarah Gee, Matt Furrer, Mackenzie Blosser, Kylee Collins, Sara Steinman, Kaeli Bush, Alison Peachman, Nathan Peachman, Melanie Carr, Stephanie Carr, Carter Good, Ava Kramhoeller, Katlelynn Klunder, Eddie Papp, Elizabeth Lendal, Bella Harris, Jacob Nasr, Madison Kennedy.

Your help in spreading the word and pointing people to http://www.avonlakeucc.org/shmissiontrip/ is greatly appreciated.

A quick note about this blog. This is new. We are going to try it and see how it works. I will post news and updates here and I ENCOURAGE you to offer you comments, feedback and questions. It should be a place for us to discuss and engage. More blog, less meetings.

That’s all…..for now. I have so much more to say…..so much more.

Have a great weekend!

Semper Gumby! -Nate